Tuesday, September 2, 2008





Dear Kind, Compassionate, Intelligent, Creative Farsighted Earthlings

I will now proceed to prove to you conclusively that I am not a scammer or a thief but that I am an honorable man with high integrity, because I will not accept even a penny "up front" ahead of time, I will receive my well deserved reward, by contract, after I have completed my job and proven my point, not before, so I cannot steal any money at all from you, that is impossible.

Also this proposal is the biggest and greatest business opportunity ever in the history of Humanity, really, for real, worth, at the very least hundreds of trillions of dollars, for sure, no kidding, no bullshit, and most important for me, personally, a highly benevolent endeavor, which will save Humanity, if its done with high wisdom and compassion, can you imagine, doing the good and making lots of money doing it, quite extraordinary indeed !!!!

Naturally, only a Great Genius would be capable to "start the ball rolling" on an enterprise of this extraordinary magnitude, and I must say without any qualms that's Me.

Enterprise: definition #3 readiness to embark on bold new ventures [syn: enterprisingness, from an excellent "free" dictionary at http://dictionary.die.net

On the other hand you might say to me,alright buddy, I can see you are a decent guy, you are not going to rob me and that's very nice of you but, suppose your project does not work, then I have lost all the money I invested in it, yes, the money is not in your pocket, you did not steal it from me, but I lost it.

And I will say to you, Dear Earthling, I am not a saint, I want something out of the realization of this project, I want to be recognized all over the world as the prime mover and generator of it and receive the Nobel Prize and I want money too, I have more than 20 other projects in different fields of endeavor, ahead of my time, like the one I am talking about and I want to have enough money to "throw" a them before I die because nobody else will.

So, i am not so crazy and stupid to work "my bottom off" for a project I know it will not work, because, ( double negative ), I am not going to get nothing if it does not work, so I have, absolutely, to be quite certain that the probability for it to succeed is very high, at the very least between 80% and the high 90's, I cannot claim to be perfectly sure, 100% because then I would be a liar, specially this being a quite revolutionary undertaking.

I am well aware that this is an extremely unusual message, but since I am now 67 years old and I could drop dead any minute, consideringt all the old age ailments I, unfortunately have to endure, I must get this project done before I go and I am contacting anybody I can, hoping for a major miracle, because I do need a major miracle, nothing less will do.

I am an independent inventor, scientist, phycisist, engineer and much more, in many fields of endeavor, who has the same background as Jesus Christ, which is Jewish.

My terrible problem is that I do have an extremely disruptive technology in mind which is also quite benevolent if used with wisdom and compassion, totally ready to be built, "ready to go" and it is such an enormous "paradigm shift", well ahead of its time for the scientific and engineering community that they are in my way, impeding its manifestation into this world because of the wrong, old fashioned and very entrenched belief systems they are holding on to quite erroneously, and Humanity needs my revolutionary electric generator quite desperately and as soon as possible, in order to survive, it is the only truly effective solution to the planetary catastrophe we have generated ourselves, mainly global warming, climate change, pollution, soil erosion and loss, deforestation, water shortages and food shortages.

This vital project is ready to go, the design of the device and the process by which it will be manifested into this world is practically done and research and develoment for a period 4 and 7 months will produce the desired effect and this will be done according to The Laws Of Nature for which I have an immense respect and awe.

The amount of money neededd is less than 1000,000 dollars, a pittance for a large company and again, I will not get even a penny until I prove I am correct and I have great confidence I will be able to do that after working very hard on the problem for 18 years and considering my unique and extraordinary brain.

I wish that two great men Mr. Nicola Tesla and Mr. Buckminster Fuller would be alive, I am sure they would understand my way of thinking and my project and would approve of it, for sure, because they had true greatness and were visionaries, but very logical and advanced visionaries, and I am like them, in a sense they are my brothers, it would be great to have a cup of tea with them once a week , well, if not in reality I can at least do it in my imagination and dreams while I am sleeping.

I would appreciate very much if you could offer me kindly guidance and some kind of support in my plight or refer me to someone who can, so I can complete my project before I depart from this realm of existence and if you could help me directly, consistently and concretely, you would have my eternal gratitude and many other benefits as well.

As my benefactor you would be always present in my mind as the recipient of my great respecft and loyalty.

I am keenly aware that this poor Humanity is tottering at the edge of the abyss of extinction, by its own hand, there is no more time left, something quite revolutionary and earthshaking must begin to be manifested into this world immediately and everything that stands and moves on this planet must be powered in an entirely different manner within this century, if not, even if in 100 to 200 years from now someone else manages to acquire the knowledge I have laboriously acquired already, it will too late, irreversibility would have set in and Humanity would, in a very horribly painful way, disappear from the the face of this Earth, we have run out of time.

What I intend to do is to open an entirely new field of science and technology, to generate a "paradigm shift" of historical proportions.

The term "paradigm shift" was coined in a 1962 book, "The structure of scientific revolutions" by Thomas Kuhn, a brilliant man, I advise anyone who has not read it to read it and anyone who has read it to reread it, a very excellent and corageous work, defiant of the stodgy establishment, I admire it and respect it highly.

  Making lots and lots of money and saving the world in the process
  Saving Humanity and the Biosphere and making lots and lots of money DOING IT !!!!!!!!!

Dear Kind, Compassionate, Intelligent, Creative Farsighted Earthlings

I appreciate very much, in advance, your kind attention, and I respectfully present to you a work for the ages, a work of genius, the key to the salvation of Humanity and the Biosphere, and unfortunately many of us are failing in a completely disastrous and utter self-destructive way to understand that our very lives as a species depend totally on the proper functioning of our very dear and life giving Biosphere.

The restoration of the Biosphere to an extremely efficient and proper functioning state of existence as soon as possible is Humanity's most urgent, vital, primary reason of being, before anything else, any project at all, this is "THE PROJECT", "PRIORITY ONE" !!!! "PRIORITY ONE" NOTHING COMES BEFORE IT !!!! IF WE DO NOT WAKE UP, WE DIE AS A SPECIES, WE WILL DISAPPEAR OF THE FACE OF THE EARTH !!!!


Being my favorite composer, Beethoven, in his wonderful 5th Symphony has his famous first four notes "FATE KNOCKING ON YOUR DOOR" which is the letter "V" in Morse Code and the first letter in the word "VICTORY"

So, if Humanity receives my gift, the greatest gift ever and uses it with kindness compassion, wisdom, and foresight it will be "VICTORIOUS" over its own foolishness, greed, abuse of power and general blindness, ignorance and insanity, and if not it will be doomed to self-extinction, this is its very, very, last chance period, it is high time to wake up and face reality as it is, however unpleasant.

And there is the hope that since the design is so inherently benevolent, Humanity won't be able to kill itself with it no matter how it misuses it, if it does misuse it, which is quite probable, that somehow it will save Humanity in spite of our great flaws and imperfection, from ourselves, amen.

I am an almost 67 years old independent inventor, engineer and scientist, self educated, and so where Mr. Michael Faraday, Mr. Thomas Alva Edison and Mr. Orville Wright and Mr Wilbur Wright and they produced very important advances in science and technology, as well as many other self educated people throughout history.

I am standing on Mr. Faraday's mighty shoulders, one of the greatest scientists that have ever lived.

After 18 years of very hard intellectual work I have completed the design of a quite unique and extraordinary device.

What I intend to do is to build the very first really practical and truly useful electric generator which will produce electricity without using fossil fuels or nuclear power, please read The Book, Nuclear Power Is Not The Answer by a great woman Helen Caldicott M.D, which are very deadly poisons, specially fossil fuels, which have killed millions of people already and continue killing them at an accelerated pace !!!!and that includes the killing of the very people who extract them from within the earth, who process them, sale them, and make money from them, their families and their children, totally insane behavior, without any doubt.

This magnificent power generator will give birth to an inherently highly benevolent business, yes, a business, because each unit will be rented and there will be charges for preventive maintenance, so money will be made, for sure.

This extraordinary and unique device will safely power absolutely everything that stands and moves on this Earth, with a ready market of almost seven billion 7,000,000,000 costumers and eventually, it will produce profits in the hundred trillion range 100,000,000,000,000.

It will be powered by the simultaneously synergistic action of a group of 11 component energies and structures:
1) gravity, 2) inertia, 3) magnetism, 4) zero point energy, 5) the lever principle, 6) electricity, 7) laser light, 8) electronics (digital, analog and hybrid 9) programming, 10) electrical engineering, 11) mechanical engineering.

It will be built using a synergistic assemblage of well known technologies, which will produce an entirely new effect, never seen before on this Earth.

It will do, with great ease, what scientists and engineers consider impossible, it will safely generate electric power for public consumption and feed back a little to keep itself running, and repeat this cycle of self-propulsion continuouslyj, without using conventional fuels such as fossil and nuclear.


Yes, I am in total agreement with all scientists and engineers, in order to do work an input of energy is an absolute must, as far as us generating any kind of work or process there is no "free lunch", period.

On the other hand Scientists and Engineers are totally blind to the fact that the Universe is filled to the brim with an all pervasive totally all permeating matrix of energies, there is no vacuum in the Universe.
These energies possess an immense power and subtlety of behavior incomprehensible to our poor, pathetically primitive brains.
THEY sustain, run and power the entire Universe and form extremely complex space structures, again beyond our comprehension, and also they are THE ETERNAL MARVELOUS MATRIX from which all matter originates and to which all matter returns eventually THE ETERNAL EBB-FLOW.
This Matrix is governed by very subtle and quite consistent laws, obeying a highly developed priciple of absolute causality of SUCH MULTIDIMENSIONAL, PROFOUNDLY NON-LINEAR, HIGHLY ANISOTROPIC INTELLIGENCE that, again, our poor pathetically primitive brains are totally helpless to fathom.
The Energies are forever young, unlike us, they never ever tire, or wear out, or become depleted, their power never ever wanes, they will provide the energy needed to sustain and power my machine, and if there is an ALMIGHTY GOD. and I am still an agnostic, then THEY ARE THE GREAT GLORY OF GOD !!!!!!!!!

My generator will be truly non-polluting, the electric power will be free, it will work 24 hours a day and it will be small so as not to disturb delicate and sensitive ecological-environmental interactions.

This is not a dream, this is quite real, and only a great genius such as I am could conceive of this project and will manifest it into this world as soon as he finds the very small amount of funding he needs and the support and protection of a very powerful worldwide corporation or group of corporations, the only way this ( at the beginning ) little, vulnerable baby of a project could become a grownup walking the Earth with kindness and compassion and being at the same time a money making benevolent and truly helpful empire. It would be easy for powerful vested interests to prevent its growth and even destroy it at the very beginning, but, after it has developed sufficiently, with the help and support of very powerful and influential friends, nobody will be able to stop the great public and worldwide good it will do.

The environmental organizations worldwide are quite blind and misguided in their activities, there is no more time left for their public pleas and lobbying of government and private companies, an actual real, concrete device must be built as soon as possible and deployed all over the Earth and even then, it will take more than 70 years to eliminate totally fossil fuels and atomic energy and and even then if we survive as a species it will be a pretty close call, by the skin of our teeth, and we will still have to endure considerable suffering for at least 200 years because of our misguided actions.
Considering the state of the Biosphere, whi ch is now on the continuously accelerated acceleration, ramping up of catastrophes upon greater catastrophes and even greater catastrophes, and I am not exaggerating, just stating true facts, the fossil and nuclear parties are over, if we want to survive as a species IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP KIDDIES AND TO GROW UP !!!!!!!!!And even if we manage to change quite radically, in a great revolutionary manner the way everything that stands and moves on this Earth is powered, reforest the entire planet and clean up the super horrible pollution we have caused in the Biosphere, and even then, we will suffer for at least 200 years the pain of the quite noxious effects we have brought upon ourselves with our own stupidity, ignorance, insanity, greed, abuse of power, blindness and astonishingly mad denials of the incredibly obvious, we are a very unfortunate species, very unlucky indeed.

This intellectual revolution in science and technology, which "the generator" really is, has been designed, I reiterate, with the purpose of being a force for "The Good" inherently highly benevolent.

It will change radically long lasting, very entrenched and very mistaken beliefs scientists and engineers have about how energy works in the Universe.

They believe that the INCREDIBLY MIGHTY !!!! UNIVERSE works like a humble steam engine, and that eventually it will "run out of steam" and will stop working altogether, which is an very, very primitive belief system, as backward as the former belief that the Earth is flat and it is the center of the Universe, it does not move and everything is orbiting around it, what incredible arrogance and vanity, compared with the IMMENSE UNIVERSE this puny Earth is nothing, nothing at all.

The "steam engine" belief system which is really some kind of a religion, not proven by the Scientific Method, is totally untenable as an explanation for how THE ENORMOUSLY POWERFUL AND SOPHISTICATED UNIVERSE WORKS !!!! well, I have news for them, quite a wake up call !!!!

Entropy and the whole of thermodynamics are very misguided and erroneous concepts, the ultimate antropomorphization of the Universe, if the Universe, its structure and works were as abysmally stupid as us, it could not possibly exist, impossible, it exists because of its SUPER FANTASTICALLY SOPHISTICATED INTELLIGENCE immensely beyond our own, and I must admit with all humility and enormous awe well beyond the workings of my own puny brain, in a cosmic sense I am know I am extremely tiny, poor me !!!!

We know so very little about The Infinite Immense Universe, Infinite, Immense Timewise and Spacewise and about how the Universal Energies work, their origin and sustenance, that we have no right to make any pompous, self-serving and arrogant cosmic pronouncements, based on an abysmal lack of truly relevant knowledge and brain capability, we have no right at all, it is totally unscientific to follow this path of utter folly. we need vastly more humility.

Just look at the Solar System: in order to keep the planets moving continuously around the sun and also maintain consistently a very sophisticated structure with a high level of order, it is obvious that an enormous input of energy is necessary to be made available continuously, well, this has been going on for BILLIONS of years, constantly, no diminution at all !!!!

Moreover: scientists have found rocks that are hundreds of millions of years old, obviously the atoms within these rocks must have remained intact all this time, otherwise the bonds between them would have vanished and the rocks themselves would have disintegrated millions of years before we would have had a chance to discover them, their discovery proves that the internal structure of those atoms remained consistently functioning for a very, very long time, the protons have been receiving a continuous, consistent input of energy in order to be able to generate a positive electric field and a gravity field and the electrons have been receiving a consistent, continuous input of energy in order to be able to generate a negative electric field and a gravity field
And the electrons continually and consistently orbiting the nucleus had, for all this time, a quite considerable input of energy, extremely consistent, never ever "slacking" necessary to counteract the much greater energy of attraction ( gravitational and electrical ) of the protons in the nucleus, otherwise they would have collapsed into it, but they never did, they always had an abundant supply of energy and moreover, the same "exact" supply for millions of years, otherwise the general atomic structure would have degraded to the point of becoming totally useless and the rock containing them would have disintegrated, which proves the existence of an incredibly orderly Universe, governed by Laws of a Power and Accuracy and Totally Reliable Consistency and Run, Sustained, Made Of, by The All Pervading Matrix Of Universal, Eternal, Yes Eternal ENERGIES !!!!

The totality of this intelligence, beyond the beyond is unimaginable to us, beyond our very pathetic and simplistic comprehension, chaos is totally alien to Universe there are only degrees of order, always profound order, chaos cannot and therefore does not exist in the Universe, it is not possible, it would be unbelievably stupid, a totally ridiculous contradiction, considering the amazing Intelligence, well beyond our comprehension running it and governing it, just look at your own body, composed of quadrillions of atoms meaningfully linked together, it could not exist for even an "atto" second as a meaningful structure if there was any chaos at all in the Universe, period, proven, beyond the shadow of a doubt.
This facts, and there is an immense number of these facts FROM THE MICRO TO THE MACRO, such as the origin of stars and their "life cycle", the formation of galaxies, clusters, superclusters, their highly complex interactions, the most intimate struture structure of atoms and subatomic particles, own existence as a structure composed of quadrillions of atoms interacting meaningfully and consistently etc, etc..... prove unequivocally that the Mighty Universe has energies that are eternal, they do not get tired, they go on and on, forever, they never diminish in strength and that their "administration" and governance is way beyond superhuman capabilities in its utterly amazing sophistication and wonderful exactness, it is awesome to me, well beyond, my pathetic little brain ( in a cosmic sense ) and any pathetic little words I might utter, I am speechless, I just don't know what to say, I just gape in absolute astonishment....the Intelligence behind the functioning of the Universe is so beyond my tiny, tiny, little intelligence I cannot even fathom how immensely beyond it actually, really is, I just prostrate myself most humbly and respectfully before its Eternal, Magnificent, Majestic Presence, I am just a very little baby, what I coined as a "cosmic toddler", poor little me how little I am....in comparison with THE UNIVERSE !!!!!!!!!how very, very tiny, tiny....

The principle of conservation of energy and momentum, the laws of thermodynamics, the principle of entropy are the pathetic "inventions" of very primitive "creatures", they are totally invalid, they cannot even begin to explain how the Universe works, and neither can mathematics, another of our silly inventions, because mathematics is highly linear and the Universe is profoundly non-linear and anisotropic and multi-multidimensional, no match at all.

Yes, there are "things" in the Universe that get depleted such as a piece of wood, we burn it and it cannot go on forever, it eventually becomes ashes and it cannot be burned anymore, yes, on the other hand there are Energies that exist and go on forever, inexhaustible.
 I intend to "plug in" to "tap" into these magnificent, inexhaustible, superabundant and free energies to power everything that stands and moves on this Earth safely....safely at last....And you can believe me: in COSMIC TERMS, the energy needed to power everything that stands, moves on, and flies over this Earth is just about nothing, not quite, but pretty close, a pathetic pittance, really, and I assure you, totally and absolutely that, we, as a species, do not have to kill ourselves and other living systems and eventually become extinct, by powering the world with highly poisonous, deadly sources of energy such as fossil fuels and atomic power, as we are doing right now, it is totally unnecessary and utterly insane, sheer madness

Why is it unnecessary, it is because I have had the great good fortune to be able to acquire the knowledge necessary to safely power the planet, no need to kill anything, including ourselves, to power the planet quite safely, and it is my great hope that I will manifest into this world the already completed design of the electric generator which will do the job, residing now in my brain , before I depart from this realm of existence....

.It will save Humanity, now teetering at the edge of the abyss of extinction, the victim of its own greed and abuse of power, rapidly approaching the line irreversibility, where no remedy, however sophisticated will be able to save us after we cross it, we must really hurry before it is too late, otherwise we will be doomed to die a terrible, protracted death caused by our own very unfortunately and pathetic madness, stupidity blindness and lack of wisdom, for real and for sure, and these words are not an expression of judgment or blame, not at all, they are just a statement of actual fact, very objective indeed, and if we do not listen to the voice of reason and the voice of wisdom, we will suffer the horribly painful and deadly consequences, inevitably.

The urgency for the deployment of this very special and unique electric generator all over this Earth cannot be overstated, IT IS the only really practical and effective solution to global warming and climate change which is the fundamental problem of our age, how we deal with it will determine whether our species will survive or not, it will replace fossil fuels and atomic energy, which are death traps to our species, it will be the SAFE source of energy that we so desperately need immediately.

Yes, I know about "renewables" such as geothermal, solar, wind, tidal, biomass, biofuel, hydroelectric and I also know that they all have drawbacks which my machine does not have and could be distributed much faster all over the Earth, I do not claim that it is perfect, it will generate a very small amount of heat, which can be used to warm your home when the weather is cold, or warm water, and when it is warm it will power a "thermocouple" A temperature-sensing element that converts thermal energy directly into electrical energy to give us air conditioning, a very efficient system indeed !!!!

I also agree totally with all the scientists and engineers in the world that the energy necessary to produce work and all kinds of processes such as chemical, photochemical, fission, fusion, combustion, cellular ATP, etc....can be obtained from manipulations of matter where it has been stored, like the Sun's energy stored into the piece of wood we burn by the process of combustion, and also from naturally occuring processes, such as fusion taking place in a material body such as our own Sun, so burning wood is a dual process where the activity of a material body such as our Sun and our own lighting up of the piece of wood will produce controlled combustion.

Obtaining the energy necessary to DO whatever by extracting it or tapping it from matter exclusively is a very old belief system millions of years old, even before our quite extraordinary invention of controlled wood combustion, quite unique for us, because not other animal on Earth can do It, only us, even before this quite amazing feat of our budding intelect, we tapped energy from wood lit up by naturally occuring LIGHTNING to which we added other pieces of wood not lit up to keep a fire going to warm ourselves,cook and keep predators away, the great revolution of controlled wood combustion enabled us to expand our territory and move about, without depending on a much more primitive process which had to remain very local, and so we became much more independent and could choose better places to live.i

On the other hand, without realizing it, we became most profoundly brainwashed by our really great success of obtaining energy from matter strictly and only, even our greatest thinkers, philosophers, scientists, engineers up until today, in the 21st Century, the overwhelming majority are still brainwashed.

The 20th Century an amazing and terrifying century where more knowlegde was acquired than in all the other centuries put together and unfortunately people were killed in greater quantities and much more efficiently than ever before, by the insane application of the knowledge acquired, quite amazing, nevertheless this very old belief that matter is the only source of energy was not changed and removed, except for the very few who, through past centuries belived that there was the possibility of extracting and/or tapping energy from energy or energies themselves directly, without dealing with matter at all.

Though the centuries many machines were built and drawn with the purpose of doing this extraordinary work to no avail, none has worked so far, it has been and is the Holy Grail to free, inexhaustible and non-polluting energy to give Humanity a more fulfilling and secure life.

I claim to be the one that has elucidated this Great Mystery the one lucky enough to have the very unique and extraordinary brain and the patience and amazing stubborness necessary for succeeding in this extremely difficult task.I firmly believe I have the design that will finally really work, just in time to save Humanity from itself, there is no one else who knows what I know, and if Humanity or at least one person will not listen and support me on my truly heroic project before I leave this realm of existence, and what a relief will that be !!!!!!!!!, then, surely enough, Humanity shall perish and disappear forever from this Earth.

I DO NOT claim that my machine is the "be all" and "end all",
My machine is the "proof of principle", finally, after many centuries of unsuccessful trials and tribulations, it is the result of the serendipitous-coincidental union of an extraordinarily unique brain with science and technology sufficiently advanced at present, to allow the concrete manifestation of a device, the first of its kind, the scientific proof which will open an entirely new field of knowledge and endeavor: the practical and controlled utilization of The All Pervading Matrix Of Universal And Eternal Energies, Which Is The Actual Foundation For The Existence Of The Universe And Its Incredibly Marvelous And Utterly Astonishing Super Hyper Complex Functioning, which is well beyond the puny understanding of us little monkeys, who think, with very great hubris, arrogance, that they are human, which they certainly are not, they are animals with a spark of humanity in them, to be sure, and it is my dearest hope and sometimes I think I am being very silly and foolish to harbor such highminded hope for such an incredibly and consistently evil, rotten and extremely primitive species as mine is, with a little bit of good in it , yes, but mostly rotten and evil, unfortunately, which cannot be judged because it is the victim of circumstaces beyond its control, millions of years of biological evolution, terribly traumatic and painful, which shaped it, without "it" being able to "help it", totally helpless, into the pathetically horrible, very twisted and distorted and utterly insane monster it has sadly become, poor thing, a very tragic figure hurting and lashing at itself and others, how very sad and what a waste of its budding brain, the most advanced among the creatures of this Earth, It could certainly be put to much, much better use.than the generation of the utterly mad, brutal, blind, ignorant, really pathetically stupid economic and political systems of control and merciless exploitation, greed and abuse of power that have been in existence literally forever, oh, how sad, oh, how sad, I am crying, I am sobbing for this poor, poor creature, what a waste of its very precious brain, what a waste, oh, dear, dear, dear, dear what a waste, how very, very, very, very saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddd !!!!!!!!!

Well, back to my dreamy idealistc hope, so, I hope that the union of my great genius and present day science and technology will provide for these poor lost monkeys, us, the saving grace of giving them enough time, to begin the effective remediation of global warming, climate change, pollution, deforestation and other ills they have generated themselves, until eventually, after I am long dead, that little spark of humanity, which is really kindnes, love, compassion and deep, high, wide and all encompassing wisdom, intelligence and creativity and very effective foresight will develop to the point of irreversibility, which means that no matter what happens it will be too late to go back to the old, very old and backward crazy shit they have been mired in for so long, they will finally see it for the pathetic waste it was, they will mourn and not judge, because, as I said before, they cannot be judged, all the totally unnecesary suffering it caused through the ages and now, now the impulse towards true humanity, the consistent unmovable unchallenged existence of great kindnes, love, foresight, compassion, wisdom, intelligence, creativity, very effective foresight, the application ot science and technology ONLY, ONLY for constructive, benevolent purposes that will benefit all, will become UNSTOPABBLE AND INEVITABLE, that is beatiful irreversibility, not the horrible irreversibility that our species is now rushing into by destroying the Biosphere and effectively ending their existence here on their home planet, unless a device like mine is manifested and distributed all over this Earth very soon..

Well, for sure, if my my machine is manifested, and I am the only one who can do it, so you better listen to me if you want to survive as a species, then it will be the glorious beginning of an entirely new type of devices which will tap, in a highly controlled and truly intelligent manner into the infinite, never ending, in exhaustible and free supply of energy "out there" and "everywhere", well beyond "silly monkey" notions, belief systems of thermodynamics and entropy, total nonsense, that is NOT how the INCREDIBLY MIGHTY AND SUBTLE UNIVERSE ACTUALLY WORKS.

And if I could come back centuries from now and see what happened to my revolutionary machine, the machine that saved the world and was the BRILLIANT SPARK, which began the greatest revolution in science and technology ever, on this Earth, I will see wonders, machines I could not even begin to imagine right now, they would have been developed into, even though astonishing, to me, pretty normal and natural for everybody, marvels, well, imagine the Wright Brothers coming back to Earth right now and seeing what we consider normal and natural flying machines, including going to the moon, going at speeds unimaginable to them, just look at the space station, orbiting around the Earth at, for the Wright Brothers, UNBELIEVABLE 18,000 miles an hour, what has become of the revolutionary devices they "devised", they would say, well we must sleeping and having some crazy dreams, this is not possible, no way, forget it, no way, and yet it is TOTALLY CONCRETE TANGIBLE REALITY.

Considering what this benevolent business will become, to ask for less than a million american dollars as financial help to build a prototype scientifically working according to The Mighty and Subtle Laws of Nature is less than a mere pittance, it is almost nothing, extremely reasonable, I can safely say, it is the most extraordinary opportunity in the history of Humanity for whoever chooses to become involved in this project, and anybody who cannot see the great importance and urgency of this endeavor, it is sorely lacking in foresight, vision, intelligence and creativity and kindness and compassion, which are essential, in great quantities for our species to survive its onslaught against itself and against the very precious Biosphere.which took billions of years to develop, such incredible work done for such a very long time certainly does not deserve to be destroyed, not even seriously damaged for sure and for real

The money will not go into my pockets, it will go directly to the professionals who will build the device according to my specific instructions and the materials needed.
I don't get any money at all up-front, none.
After the generator has been proven to work properly in a solid scientific manner, I will receive my well deserved financial reward, and not before.

The design is totally ready, to be built immediately and there will be a contract which will protect me and also protect fully the extraordinary people who will work with me.

It is impossible for me to steal your money, the setup prohibits it from happening, period.

Added bonus

I addition to its inestimable contribution to the alleviation and eventual effective handling ( well, my name is Handler, so I should be able to "handle" it ) of global warming and climate change, my electric generators and its marvelous descendants, will have a myriad of extra beneficial effects, such as providing the enormous amount of clean, superabundant, free and inexhaustible energy vital for the "cleaning" of the air, sea, rivers and land, which we, as a mad and blind species, have polluted horribly, the recycling of wasted and mishandled resources, the "reforestation" of our very tragically depleted forests, etc. etc....

The fundamental motivation behind this project is to save Humanity from itself and the Biosphere from Humanity's onslaught of mad and blind plundering and pollution, thus alleviating the suffering and stress which all living beings on this Earth, from bacteria to us, are saddled with, because of our utterly mad actions as a species.
This majestically noble planetary purpose imparts on this project an aura of true greatness and real glory, which will be bestowed, as well, upon all persons associated with it at all levels.

And the names of all these wonderful people will totally deserve to be written with golden letters in the Book of History.

And Humanity will never forget that the right people appeared at the right time to fulfill the role of saviors, and will always remember them with the deepest gratitude and the highest respect.

And these truly glorious people will walk the streets knowing how wonderful they are and knowing that nothing and nobody will be able to take away their blessed inner and outer radiance from them, because of the magnificent wonder they have bestowed upon this Earth.

Thank you very much for your kind attention


Alfred Handler


Phone: 510-380-8293 U.S.A